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Star Technology Projects servers

given an initial Star Technology Student number of Star Technology Students on servers X1 and a final number of Star Technology Projects servers X2 as follows where Z denotes the set of nonnegative integers. In Star Technology Project particular, we Star Technologies Projects are interested in the Server Capacity Provisioning Star Technologies Project problem, SCP, given by Star Technologies Students The objective is to minimize the sum of server energy Star Technologies Student consumption and the wear-and-tear cost. The actual RT summation of the two parts of the cost is Star Center Madurai since the busy and idle powers can differ. However, 0 PbStar Technologies Project Center constant for given and so to minimize the total cost is to minimize . The constraints in say the service capacity must satisfy the demand. The constraints in are the boundary conditions. The problem SCP does not consider the possible migration cost associated with the continuous-time discrete-load model.